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tmax up to 1200 °C

Chamber furnace for hardening and annealing, brick and ASW insulation, Tmax 1200 °C, 40 - 600 l


annealing, hardening, heat treatment, powder carburization, pre-heating, shrink fitting, stress-relieving, tempering

The most important characteristics

  • Combined hardening and annealing furnace
  • Electrically heated small chamber furnace with electronic control
  • For hardening up to 1200°C and annealing with forced air circulation up to 800°C
  • Two swivelling doors and one ventilator
  • Insulation made of high quality lightweight refractory brick combined with modern fiber materials
  • High thermal power
  • High energy efficiency
  • Robust design
  • Flexible use
  • Quality -  made in Germany
  • Easy operation and handling

We make it possible

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  • Useful chamber temperature 1300 °C (nur für die Betriebsart Härten)
  • Temperature controller G800
  • Temperature program controller
  • Serial interface for G800 controller
  • Screen recorder
  • Gas purging device with sheet cover around furnace brick lining
  • Lifting door

Product Specifications




Inside dimensions mm (B x T x H)

T. max. °C

Heating power




340 x 500 x 240

1200 °C - hardening

800 °C - annealing





400 x 600 x 300

1200 °C - hardening

800 °C - annealing





500 x 800 x 400

1200 °C - hardening

800°C - annealing





630 x 1000 x 500

1200 °C - hardening

800°C - annealing





800 x 1300 x 580

1200 °C - hardening

800 °C - annealing



**also available as table unit

Technical data

Furnace housing

Furnace housing and housing of separate switch box consist of a lightweight sheet steel construction. The painting with structural lacquer serves as protection against corrosion. The chosen colours blue/white give a nice appearance to the entire furnace.


The rear ventilated brick lining of the furnace consists of high quality lightweight refractory bricks in combination with modern fiber insulation materials which assure a high thermal capacity at low energy consumption.


The heating is effected by free radiating Kanthal-A1-heating spirals (hair pins) in rims of the brick lining (2 side walls, rear wall and bottom).

The bottom heating is covered with SiC plates (good thermal conductivity).

For operation as hardening furnace up to 1200°C or as annealing furnace with forced air circulation up to 800°C either the left of right ringed door is used. The door for annealing up to 800°C is provided with a ventilator and an air duct device which results in uniform furnace temperature.

The respective operation mode of the furnace determined by the corresponding closed door. Overheating in annealing mode is prevented by means of a safety controller.

Switch and control unit

The control unit is located in a separate switch - box, which is connected to the furnace via flexible lines and can also be wall hinged. The furnace is supplied with the following controller:

  • Temperature controller G400
  • 2 or 3 setpoint controller with PID behaviour
  • Logic output
  • One heating ramp – freely programmable velocity / ramp function
  • Display of actual value (desired value displayed after pressing the button)
  • Self-optimization prevents overshooting
  • Separation of control and configuration level (prevents undesired changes)
  • Alarm signal in case of thermocouple fracture
  • Timer with turn-on & turn-off delay (dwell time)
  • Temperature control for protection against overheating

Product properties

Product Line: type series
Operation Mode: Batch
Construction Types: Furnace
Designs: Chamber furnace
Temperature Max (°C): 1200
Heatings: electrical
Heatingmethods: resistance
Atmospheres: Air
Applications: annealing, hardening, heat treatment, powder carburization, pre-heating, shrink fitting, stress-relieving, tempering