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tmax up to 2600 °C

Chamber furnace, high temperature, graphite felt insulation, gas and vacuum tight, Tmax 2600 °C, 6,2 l


firing, graphitization/carbonisation, sintering, tempering

Annealing and sintering of materials.

Further possible applications:

  • Research and development of metallic and ceramic materials
  • Heat treatment of materials in nuclear sector

Product Specifications

The most important characteristics:

  • Graphite felt insulation
  • Heated by zylindric graphite heating elements
  • Heating power app. 38 KW
  • Vertical operation
  • Max. temperature up to 2600°C
  • Useful chamber ø 200 mm, height 200 mm
  • Gas and vacuum tight chamber
  • Vacuum at T = 20 °C app. 5 x 10-1 mbar
  • Gas-feeding device with flowmeter for N2 and AR
  • Process guiding software

We make it possible:

Linn High Therm is specialized in adapting its products to customer’s requirements. Please let us know if you need any modifications apart from our standard offer. We will do everything to satisfy your wishes.

Possible standardized options:

  • Useful chamber volume up to app. 200 l
  • Charge weight up to app. 100 kg
  • Horizontal operation
  • Operation as bottom loader
  • Operating temperatures in case of vertical furnaces up to 2800°C
  • Various control systems
  • Emergency gas purging unit
  • Condensate trap
  • Gas systems for flammable gases
  • Burning-off device with flame supervision for flammable gases
  • Safety package for flammable gases
  • Vacuum pump stand for end pressure > 1 x 10-3 mbar
  • Water cooler and emergency water cooling



Product properties

Product Line: special product
Operation Mode: Batch
Construction Types: Furnace
Designs: Bell type furnace, Chamber furnace
Temperature Max (°C): 2600
Heatings: electrical
Heatingmethods: resistance
Atmospheres: Controlled gas atmosphere, Vacuum
Applications: firing, graphitization/carbonisation, sintering, tempering