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tmax up to 1800 °C

Microwave chamber furnace, high temperature, gas and vacuum tight, 2,4 GHz, 2,4 - 27 l, Tmax 1800 °C


ashing, calcination, melting, sintering

The most important characteristics

  • Appropriate for use of powder metallurgical porcesses, for sample preparation and analysis of new materials, for new connection technics, for debinding as well as predrying of organic materials.
  • Appropriate for sintering of ceramics for  superconductor production and research
  • Microwave high temperature chamber furnace
  • Max. operating temperature 1700 °C (optionally higher)
  • Inner housing made of special ceramic insulation boards
  • Stepless adjustable power from 15-100 %
  • Extreme short heating and cooling times
  • Microwave supply through independent 900 Watt magnetrons
  • Furnace housing made of high quality stainless steel
  • Easy to handle
  • Quality made in Germany  

We make it possible

Linn High Therm is specialized in adapting its products to customer’s requirements. Please let us know if you need any modifications apart from our standard offer. We will do everything to satisfy your wishes. 


  • Multi functional unit
  • Serial interface
  • Different pyrometers
  • Service cable
  • Program Terminal
  • PC-Universal Interface
  • Process Guiding Software
  • Interface converter
  • Different microwave chambers for gas and/or vacuum
  • Rough vacuum pump (rotary vane pump)
  • High vacuum pump (diffusion pump)
  • High vacuum pump (turbomolecular pump)
  • Insulation with higher operation temperature
  • Viewing window on the door
  • Door guidance
  • Susceptors 

Product Specifications






Outside dimensions furnace (W x D x H)

800 x 800 x 1200

800 x 800 x 1200

1600 x 1000 x 1400

Outside dimensions control housing       (W x Dx H)

1000 x 500 x 700

800 x 600 x 2300

800 x 800 x 2300

Useful volume (Liter)




Chamber volume (Liter)




Microwave power (kW)




Operating frequency (GHz)




Power supply

400 V/3 Phases/N/ PE/ 50 Hz

400 V/3 Phases/N/ PE/ 50 Hz

400 V/3 Phases/ N/ PE/ 50 Hz

Connection power max. (kVA)




Technical Data

Short Description

The furnace was concipated above all for the special requirements in scientific and industrial area – and here especially in terms of high temperatures.    

Due to size, material and type of microwave coupling, the machine has excellent power distribution compared to usual microwave furnaces. High-Q-chamber, alternative atmospheres (option), safety qualities and size contribute to the ideal application in science and industry.

The standard furnace will be controlled manually. With the different options test series can be carried out which require reproducible conditions, exact sample temperatures and defined temperature time curves.  

Microwave safety

Critical zones are equipped with thermal safety switches for protection of microwave generators. Additional safety devices are installed in the furnace like f.ex. an automatic power interruption when opening the door through two safety switches.  

A Microwave sealing that is installed in the door offers optimal safety against emerging microwave radiation.


The reachable product temperatures depend on the power, sample material, form and size, position of samples, susceptors (material, size, position) and many other factors. Therefore a general statement regarding reachable product temperatures cannot be made. The maximal product temperature will be restricted through the max. operating temperature of the insulation. This is 1700°C continuous operation (insulations with higher operating temperatures see options).

In order to heat sample materials which have bad coupling qualities at room temperature, it will be needed microwave susceptors for indirect sample preheating (see options).  


The microwave power will be generated through independent 900 W magnetrons. The microwave power is continuously adjustable from 15% - 100%.

The magnetrons are air cooled in order to ensure, with minimal effort, an optimal cooling in continuous operation. 

Furnace Housing

The actual furnace housing made of stainless steel is installed touch safe in the outer housing so that also at continuous operation the wall temperature of the outer housing remains relatively low (max. 40°C above ambient temperature), except on the door front board.

The swivelling door (Front-loader) with microwave sealing is equipped with turn locking (spring pressure resistance). Current connections are installed on the rear side of the furnace.

The door frame, viewing window (option), pyrometer window and waveguide flanges (only with option gas or vacuum tight chamber) are watercooled.  


The inner housing is lined with special ceramic insulation boards. The use of this lightweight, low heat storage insulation material permits extremely short heating and cooling times. The max. operating temperature is 1700°C for continuous operation, short time up to 1700°C.

Control Unit

The following components are essentially installed in a furnace part that is connected to the control housing (cable length 3 m, other length on request):

  •  Potentiometer for stepless power adjustment 15 - 100 %
  •  Switch for activation of magnetrons
  • LEDs for operating display of magnetrons
  • Mains light
  • Operating hour counter
  • Mains switch 

Product properties

Product Line: type series
Operation Mode: Batch
Construction Types: Furnace
Designs: Chamber furnace, Laboratory furnace
Temperature Max (°C): 1800
Heatings: electrical
Heatingmethods: microwave/dielectric
Atmospheres: Air, Controlled gas atmosphere, Vacuum
Applications: ashing, calcination, melting, sintering