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tmax up to 0 °C

Fusion unit for sample preparation for spectroscopy (XRF, ICP, AAS), 2.0 kW


fusion, melting, sample preparation for spectroscopy

The most important characteristics

  • Inductive heated fusion furnace
  • Continuously adjustable power from 100 to 1500 Watt
  • Fast creation of spectrometer samples
  • High energy efficiency
  • Quality - made in Germany
  • Easy operation and handling 

We make it possible

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  • Circulation cooling unit RK-3
  • High temperature pyrometer
  • Service cable
  • PC universal interface (USB) KUI
  • Consumption material

Product Specifications



outside dimensions mm (wxdxh)

HF max. kW

max. sample weight

max. sample size


680 x 680 x 1530



Ø 40mm


680 x 680 x 1530



Ø 40mm

Technical data


Fast sample preparation for X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF), ICP und AAS. Melting of small oxydic samples. 


Fusion of oxydic materials such as ores, slags, dusts, minerals, refractory materials, etc. in a special Platinum/Gold crucible (95/5%), graphite- or glass carbon crucible by using Lithium-Tetraborate or Sodium-Carbonate. Melting of metal samples up to 20 g. 


The fusion material in the crucible is inductively heated and fused. The HF-generator transfers a continuously adjustable power output of 100 to 1500 W at 1,5 MHz (penetration depth) to the crucible. Due to the stray field, ponderomotive forces arise in the melt which cause a bath movement and thus guarantee a uniform distribution of the material. Depending on the structure of the material, temperatures up to app. 1500°C can be achieved. The mixing is supported by a motor vibrator which can be switched on when needed. Simultaneously with the crucible, the pouring dish is heated inductively by a flat coil in addition to the melting coil.  


The HF-generator with protective cover installed in a solid steel sheet housing is made according to the latest industrial safety and EC guidelines.

The easy removable crucible holding device enables pouring of the fused material without problems. The fusion process can be observed through a blue glass being integrated in the cover. Replacing the induction coil is very easy. When opening the cover, the power is automatically switched off. The inner space is blown off to the back by a fan as protection for the operating staff. 

Furnace control


Operation of the furnace is effected by a 7“-color-touch panel with 10 integrated function buttons as well as integrated PLC-function. Decentralized devices are used for the control of the furnace functions.

All inlets and outlets of the sensors and actuators are galvanically separated and the MF/HF is connected fail-safe with the decentralized control unit.

Process data and parameters can be read out via a USB interface.

An easily accessible emergency switch off offers additional safety during operation. 

Scope of operation

Self-explanatory menu navigation and guided process runs allow an easy operation. The optical display of the process run and the corresponding working steps inform about the current condition of the furnace.

With integrated formula administration for melting programs (number depends on storage volume). The created melting programs can be saved on a USB data carrier and transferred to further furnaces of the same Lifumat model without having to recreate them.

Safety of the various functions is controlled with plain text alarm output as e.g. cooling water temperature, cooling water throughput, cover and door lock, generator current (power). In case of failure and end of casting process, there will be an optical and acoustical signal.

Operating language is available in German or English (other languages against surcharge).

Operating levels (manufacturer, administrator, operator) are locked. 

Manual operation

In order to optimize processes as well as created melting programs, the process parameters can be changed freely. With status display of hardware inlets and outlets.

Product properties

Product Line: type series
Operation Mode: Batch and Continuous
Construction Types: Sample preparation unit
Designs: Fusion unit
Temperature Max (°C):
Heatings: electrical
Heatingmethods: induction
Applications: fusion, melting, sample preparation for spectroscopy