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Tmax de hasta 2300 °C

Sublimation growth reactor for 4” SiC bulk crystal growth


crystal growing

For Physical Vapour Transport (PVT) growth of bulk SiC single crystals after the modified Lely method

Other application could be: Synthesis of high-purity SiC raw material

Especificaciones del producto

Most important characteristics

  • Induction furnace, top-loader design
  • 4” SiC bulk crystal growth
  • Max. working temperature 2300°C
  • MF heating power 30 kW
  • Working frequency 8-10 kHz
  • Processing gases Nitrogen, Argon, Hydrogen, partial pressure operation 5 – 950 mbar
  • Vacuum/gastight chamber by water-cooled double-glass tube setup
  • Vacuum pump system for vacuum 2 x 10-5 mbar with turbomolecular pump (685 l/s)
  • High-purity graphite felt insulation (halogen-purified)

We make it possible:

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Possible standardized options

  • Crucible rotation and displacement
  • Crucible bottom pyrometer
  • Emergency water cooling
  • Process Guiding Software
  • Bottom-loader design
  • Circulation cooling unit
  • Crystal growth training by renowned German research institute 

Características del producto

Gama de productos: special product
Modo operacional: Batch
Tipo constructivo: Furnace
Diseños: Tube furnace
Temperatura máxima (°C): 2300
Calentamientos: electrical
Método de calentamiento: induction
Atmósferas: Controlled gas atmosphere, Vacuum
Aplicaciones: crystal growing