Applications- Pyrolysis

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For pyrolysis of organic materials, protective gas furnaces of the model KS-S with a standard volume of 60-480 liter are suitable. For small useful volumes LINN HIGH THERM offers protective gas tight laboratory furnaces of the model VMK-S with 2,6-15 liter. The standard furnace can be optimized for the pyrolysis process with options such as condensate trap, tempered door sealing cooling and additional heatings in the door area. Apart from these chamber furnaces, tube furnaces of the models FRH and FRT can be used for carbonization.

Huge rotary tube furnaces are used in case of energetic recycling of plastics or biogenic waste. Research for optimization of combustion gas development in case of pyrolysis processes of organic materials are made in rotary tube furnaces of the company LINN HIGH THERM. The generated combustion gas can be examined with several sensors and solid components can be separated for examination.

For recycling processes, e.g. for production of carbon fibers made of CFC waste material, continuous belt furnaces with patented hybrid heating (infrared, resistance and microwave) are used.

All pyrolysis furnaces can be equipped with correspondingly dimensioned thermal post combustions or catalytic post combustions for exhaust gas treatment.

Hornos estándar

FDHK-model (100 - 1500 mm)

Rotary tube furnace/kiln, rotary drum furnace/kiln, gastight, Ø20 – 1500 mm, heated length 100 – 1500 mm, Tmax 1900 °C.


FDHK-model (1500 - 5000 mm)

Rotary tube furnace/kiln, rotary drum furnace/kiln, gastight, Ø100 – 1800 mm, heated length 1500 – 5000 mm, Tmax 1800 °C.


FDHK-model (5000 - 12000 mm)

Rotary tube furnace/kiln, rotary drum furnace/kiln, gastight, Ø250 – 1800 mm, heated length 5000 – 12000 mm, Tmax 1150 °C.



Chamber furnace, brick and ASW insulation, gas tight muffle, Tmax 1200 °C, 69 - 462 l


Hornos especiales


Rotary tube furnace, ASW insulation, Ø140 mm, L 2200 mm, Tmax 1100 °C, 35 kW



Rotary tube furnace, ASW insulation, gastight, Ø150 mm, L 1500 mm, Tmax 1200 °C, 17 kW



Rotary tube furnace, Al2O3-PCW/ASW insulation, gastight, tube inner dia. 300 mm, heated length 3000 mm, Tmax 1000 °C



Tube furnace, ASW insulation, gas tight, Ø 250 mm, heated length 1750 mm, Tmax 850 °C, 35 kW


Rotary Tube Furnace Line for Rare Earth Metals

Rotary tube furnace line, Tmax up to 650 °C, up to Ø1800 mm, L 10800 mm, output up to 2 m3/h, incl. conveyor and goods comminution


Rotary Tube Furnace Line for Uranium Oxide

Rotary tube furnace line, Tmax 1000 °C, Ø500 mm, L 6000 mm, output up to 100 l/h


Maquinaria de segunda mano

Used Equipment - FDHKT-3-120/1000/1100

Rotary tube furnace, Ø app. 120 mm, heated length 1000 mm, 7,6 kW