Applications- Pre-heating

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Especially middle frequency generators of the model MFG are used for fast pre-heating to high temperatures, e.g. for forging. The wide power range from 10-1000 kW and the frequency range between 2 and 80 kHz enable fast heating up and uniform heating of the forging blank. Due to the standard Simatic control, the generators can be easily integrated into production lines.

For parts which are not suitable for inductive heating due to their shape LHT manufactures resistance heated pusher type or rotary hearth furnaces.

If parts have to be heated up only up to lower temperatures, air circulation chamber furnaces of the models KK-U and AK as well as drying furnaces of the model LHT can be used.

For continuous heating, Linn High Therm manufactures even continuous belt furnaces with air circulation according to customer’s requirements.