About us- About us

Linn High Therm is a family owned business offerring a wide variety of products on the highest technical level with an outstanding production depth.

About us

Linn High Therm - a family owned business

Linn High Therm, founded by Mr. Horst Linn sen. in 1969 handed over in 2014 to his son Horst Linn jun., is a family owned business headquartered in Bavaria, Germany, specialized in custom-made production of electrically heated furnaces and kilns. Varieties of standard products complete the production program and are the basis for cost-efficient designs based on a modular construction system.

LHT principally uses three heating technologies including their combinations:

  • Resistance heating
  • Microwave heating
  • Induction heating

LHT is looking back on over 50 years of experience, flexibility driven, and never satisfied with past success. Innovation and continuous improvement is our mission. Providing our customers with the best applicable solution is our goal. Over 90 registered patents are proof of this quest.

There are only a few companies of such qualification and production spectrum: R&D, design, production and quality control all under one roof. From prototype to pilot-scale systems in almost no time. Continuous investment in production facilities ensure an extraordinary production depth which is essential for in-time delivery of units as well as for keeping knowledge and know-how for critical parts.

Linn is serving the following industries directly or via cooperation partners worldwide:

Metal, ceramics, chemicals, crystal growing, glass, building materials, research and development, medical, nuclear, recycling, education and food; short: all industries between mining and space.

You can find Linn products everywhere heat treatment takes place - also in your production.