Applications- Sintering

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Linn High Therm manufactures furnaces and units for sintering of ceramic materials and other materials such as glass, hard metal and plastics.For the class ceramic sector for sintering up to 1400 °C we quote an extensive range of standard furnaces of the model series KK, KK-H from 50 – 3000 liters. In addition to this we produce special furnaces according to customer’s requests, e. g. continuous furnaces.

For the sintering of technical ceramics our HT furnaces for air, protective gas and vacuum operation are used. For “black ceramic” and hard metal you can use, besides our graphite heated HT versions up to 2300 °C, also our customer-specific solutions of our graphite heated GHV-furnaces up to 3000 °C.

As sintering furnaces our HT furnaces have also an application in the powder metallurgy.

For the sintering of highly sensitive and refractory metals our cold wall furnaces are used. Depending

on the heater (Mo, W, Ta) they can be used up to 2800 °C.

Additive Manufacturing (Rapid Prototyping, Rapid Tooling, 3D printing): Additive manufactured parts from feedstock of all the above mentioned materials can be sintered in the same furnace types.


All furnace types are also used in adapted form for sintering of nuclear fuel and therefore have a robustness and reliability.