Applications- Melting

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Linn High Therm manufactures inductive and resistance heated melting units. Middle-frequency and high-frequency units of the series MFG (10 – 1000 kW) and HTG (1,2 – 10 kW) are used. The melting weights range from several gram up to several hundreds of kg.

Double induction units are used in the glass development. They allow a fast melting of source materials in platinum crucible and of portioned cast in several moulds.

High temperature furnaces of the series VMK 1400 - 1800 are used as melting aggregates for the glass development.

In standard laboratory furnaces of the series VMK 10 - 250 and LM 112 - 512 also melt digestions for X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF) are done.

For melting and keeping warm of magnesium and alumina alloys, resistance heated crucible furnaces of LHT are used. Casting weights up to 300 kg are possible. They are also used for cupelling of gold, silver and bismuth as source material for medicines.