Applications- Bright annealing

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Bright annealing

Bright Annealing

LHT protective gas furnaces of the models VMK-S/Vac, useful chamber 2,6-15 liter and KS-S/Vac, useful chamber 70-460 liter, are used for bright annealing of steel and other metals. With both models, it can be worked with temperatures above 1150°C with protective gas and, depending on model size, up to 600°C resp. 1000°C under vacuum. Mainly it is worked under forming gas with hydrogen contents < 5 % and in case of oxidation sensitive components with 100 % hydrogen or cracked gas.

For latter use, the furnaces are equipped with the standard options gas-feeding device, burning-off

device and safety package.

Additive Manufacturing (Rapid Prototyping, Rapid Tooling, 3D printing): Especially smaller sized VMK-S are used for bright annealing of 3-D printed parts in additive manufacturing.

The optimization of production lines often requires treatment in continuous furnaces. Therefore, Linn manufactures small and middle-sized continuous belt furnaces up to 1150 °C with protective gas insert muffle and the necessary safety devices for operation with flammable gases.