Applications- Graphitization/carbonisation

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Linn manufactures small and medium size graphitization furnaces of the model series GHV for the temperature range 2200 – 3000 °C with graphite or CFC heaters and graphite felt insulation. For the graphitization of carbon fiber you can also use graphite heated continuous furnaces from LHT.

As the lifetime of the graphite heater is very limited at a temperature of 2600 °C it is preferred to use an inductive heating of a graphite tube or a graphite crucible with middle frequency generators of the model series MFG 10 – 500 and a frequency of <8kHz for a higher temperature requirement. The advantage is, due to the simply geometry compared to the resistance heated graphite furnace, comparatively cheap prices for a spare heater.

Besides the classic graphitization the LHT units serve also for the production of carbon modifications.