Applications- Calcination

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Linn High Therm supplies rotary tube furnaces for calcination from laboratory and pilot plant scale to production sizes with a diameter of 2 m and a heated length of 12m for temperatures up to 1750°C. If the temperature affords ceramic tubes, the maximum size is limited to app. 0,5m in diameter and 5 m in length. Similar maximum sizes are possible if quartz tubes are used e.g. due to the required high purity of a product.

The material can be loaded via vibrators, screw conveyors or via belt. If toxic or flammable gases (NH3, Cl2, HCl) are released during the calcination process, rotary tube furnaces can be designed gas tight and equipped with additional options such as thermal post combustion and scrubbers/absorbers.

Besides rotary tube furnaces also belt continuous furnaces of Linn High Therm are used for calcination.

If only small quantities are needed for research purposes, you can also use laboratory furnaces of our models VMK and LM or tube furnaces of our models FRH, FRV for calcination.